Major Events of Ghostreach

This region of Ghostreach, bounded to the north and west by vast forests, to the north and east by jagged mountains, to the south by the Gulf of Ghosts Chrysalis Heart, breadbasket of the region, ruled by demigod and emperor the Amaryllian Throne. Earthmarrow, a mountain kingdom, ruled by the flesh incarnate of the holy moon and its highest holder of office. Darkstar, a land of cold waters and colder woods, its people hardy and fierce but subjugated by the Throne. Centuries ago, perhaps even before the ancient mercenary companies came to Ghostreach, the construction of the Undying City of Amaryllis began. It started as the Inner City, the capital of Chrysalis Heart and the home of the Lotus Court, palace of the Amaryllian Throne, demigod and emperor of Chrysalis Heart. The Inner City was packed with souls, hovels clinging to the walls of palaces as the gulf held them on one side and the will of the Throne held them in on the other—the land outside of the city was theirs.  200 BEC: The

Hex #3

Hills, growing into mountains that stretch into the sky. On the east side of the hex is a mountain village known for mining and goat-herding. The villagers are mostly quiet and unassuming, although lately they have been terrorized by a local bully who has grown bold as his gang increases in power, however petty that power may be. The town is run by a small council, the leader of which is the matriarch of a family that has lived there for centuries. The council leader may ask the party for help with the gang if they seem trustworthy. The party may be introduced to her by an innkeeper, a union member, or in the street by a councilperson if there is a public altercation with the gang. There is a union of miners in this town as well, although they primarily work in the mountains and only come into town to conduct business on rare occasions. Their office is staffed by two bureaucrats. Another person of interest is a local youth who is works in the inn as a janitor. This youth wants to be a

Hex #22

  Plains, mostly comprised of grasslands interspersed with mushroom groves. These groves of mushrooms contain toadstools, porcinis, and amanitas that range from giant (120’) to small (15’). The groves vary in size and concentration of mushrooms. The groves are part of a hex-wide underground fungal network, all one organism. The organism is not sapient in the way most other such beings are. It is cared for by a colony of myconids who watch over its central brain in a cavern. The myconids rely on their fungal network for water and nutrients. It also serves as the hub for their collective memory. They guard the central brain with their lives. Scattered among the mushroom groves are special mushrooms that attack intruders with spore sacks. The sacks explode on contact and can cause paralysis, confusion, or sleep. If the party pays close attention to the mushrooms’ special markings or gain the trust of the myconids they can avoid the mushroom traps. The myconids are fighting off an infestat

Hex #6

  A massive stone archway sits atop a hill in the middle of the hex. The hill is dotted with ruined and broken stone slabs covered in unknowable runes. The hill is ringed with a rotten wooden palisade patrolled by reanimated skeletons wearing morion helmets and carrying spears. Their eye sockets glow with green moss. The center of the stone archway is empty from the southeast; from the northwest the center of the arch appears to be filled with a thick, rippling liquid that glows a harsh purple and hums with magical energy. The perimeter of the hex is dotted with pines that recede into stunted growth the farther one goes towards the center. Glowing moss clings to the sparse vegetation and crawls up the side of ruins like those at the hill. There is no weather here besides a wispy, persistent knee-high fog. d6 encounters: 1d6+3 skeletons Magnacta (magical giant spider) 1d4 lost adventurers Crackling runes (see below) Sky darkens, fog thickens (party becomes lost) aberration If #4 is roll

Dark Compactor

  This can be placed in any sort of fantasy setting but fits best with far-future or science-fantasy. Place this location in a desert area with a canyon. At the bottom of the canyon there is a stream that runs down a sluice towards a pit with sloping sides that resembles a giant funnel. There is a small gate at the precipice of the pit that opens at regular intervals to allow water to flow rapidly down the side into the hole at the bottom. Trash and assorted debris litters the pit. Anyone who goes near the edge of the pit must save or risk sliding down into the hole. There is a nearby settlement that sends things down the stream never to be seen again. They don’t know why they do this; their ancestors did it as well. Sometimes they bring things to the canyon to throw into the pit. People treat this area with suspicion and warn the party to stay away. Rumors indicate a nearby entrance in the canyon wall that is reachable by trails over a course of days or by scaling the canyon wall. Th

Cryptic Hatcheries of the Centipede-Warlord of the Orcs

  When the earth was young Orc society was at its zenith, their talents for engineering and craftsmanship of magical workings was unparalleled. Compelled by outside forces, both thinking and unthinking, their borders began to recede as their populations shrunk. Some sought ways to combat this and return to an idealized former glory; others sought ways to survive as something new and different. Those who would have once been shunned were now elevated to positions of power in desperate times. One such bold knowledge-seeker was an unnamed orc warrior-wizard who experimented with the very knowledge of creation. Using a technique for magical grafting, this orc replaced his bottom half with that of a centipede; twenty feet long and scaled with natural armor. His lower half was strong enough to keep his orc torso upright. He gave himself multiple arms as well, in order to wield terrible weapons and perform the complicated somatic gestures of his awesome powers. His people were horrified by
  Amphibious Bridge of the Gluttonous Princess This bridge spans a vast lake, so large the opposite coast can’t be seen with the naked eye. The bridge is made of stone with waist-high walls on both sides; it extends out from the coast a quarter mile before disappearing into the water. As you walk out over the water the walls get higher as the bridge slopes downward into the lake. Torches flicker on the damp, moldy walls and cast odd-moving shadows. The tunnel stretches out into the darkness, seemingly defying the laws of nature. As you walk, the tunnel slopes up and down, turns left and right, and branches off, although any branches either dead-end or loop back to the main tunnel. In some stretches, massive glass windows show the black water of the lake—but at some times it looks like the black of the night sky, twinkling stars in the distance and perhaps a moon, surface rippling. Monstrous eels with gaping maws and sucker-stomachs cling to the glass and threaten to break through. G